Thank you for visiting PhOtOgrAphy JuNkie! I am just that, a PHOTOGRAPHY JUNKIE! I have a passion for giving my clients an original work of art that captures their spirit and personality through photography. Whether it be Headshots or Senior and Family Portrtaits, I feel so blessed to be able to help my clients capture a "moment" in time in the photos I take. I am tireless in my research of new technology and innovations in the area of photography. In the area of headshots, I have worked with many top casting directors and agents from LA and Dallas to be sure my clients have exactly what they need to get noticed! I would be honored to help you capture your own moment in time!

Lights, Camera, Action!
PhOtOgrAphy JuNkie,
Terry Cass

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I am inspired by new technology and innovation, but more importantly I am inspired by capturing "moments" that will last a lifetime through photography. I am honored to be able to capture this snapshot in time of you and your loved ones!

Terry Cass

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